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Sitting Under A Tree

Mar 26, 2019

After thirteen days of sobriety and meditation I'm really starting to remember why I hated that Headspace cunt and his dumb voice back in October. I went to ArtVo on Friday after seeing Instagram people posting photos about it, but quickly realised it wasn't meant for 20-somethings on dates, more kids with their parents...

Mar 18, 2019

I'm back on the sobriety tip, waking up early as fuck and feeling amazing, and so to counterbalance that positive feeling, I spent four hours yesterday on Instagram stalking influencers and inviting them to my Comedy Festival show. It was brutal. The comments. The chatter. The endless parade of photos, so much light, so...

Mar 12, 2019

Fuck I'm so tired. I saw the Gipsy Kings last night at WOMAD, and am currently sitting in Adelaide Airport waiting to get my flight back home to Melbourne. Today the podcast was interrupted by six airport announcements, and four instances of my USB mic unplugging from my laptop. I am not having a good time today.

Mar 5, 2019

I sold the other phone! EIGHT-HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS YOU FUCKS!!! Suck shit to every cunt who offered me $700, suck shit to everyone who laughed at me and doubted me, and to everyone still trying to sell their second phone that they bought from JB HiFi on eBay, never give up. Dreams come true, you just need to trust...