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Sitting Under A Tree

Feb 26, 2019

Wild times at the Adelaide Fringe Festival Club on Sunday night, not least of all because for once the Artist Bar at an Arts Festival is actually fun to hang out at. I'm trying to sell the second Google Pixel 3 I bought on an entrepreneurial whim at the start of the week, and it is not going well. Some cunt offered...

Feb 19, 2019

Kalgoorlie got better, but I'm still convinced that it is absolute trash. Melbourne is great, I'm back home until Thursday, but I hurt my groin playing indoor soccer. Luckily the pathetic vermin who write for the Australian tabloids are always here to take my mind off the pain.

Feb 12, 2019

I'm stuck in fucking Kalgoorlie. There's nothing going on here, and I've not seen anyone under 30 for the last 24 hours, but at least we got to look at a really big pit. Last weekend my crowd sang 'Silent Night' as the last audience members took their seats, it was really lovely. Perth Fringe was fucking fantastic.

Feb 5, 2019

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! I'm a little drunk, it's been a great day - lunch, wine, beers, whiskey tour, denim jackets. I've gotten so tanned from being in Perth that on Sunday night some guy didn't believe that I was the person on my flyer. It was infuriating, I wish I'd told him to go fuck himself. Also some guy tried to...