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Sitting Under A Tree

Jun 26, 2018

I'm leaving for the UK in less than 48 hours and I'm getting real pumped for it, even though I just realised I have a 26-hour layover in fucking Manila, Philippines. FUCK! The World Cup has been fantastic though, and I talk about that some more, as well as a special announcement for August.

Jun 19, 2018

It's been a strange week in Melbourne, really weird. The tragedy of Euridyce Dixon last week has fucked a lot of people up, and I didn't even realize how much it's thrown my bearings out until towards the end of this. I don't have that much to say about it to be honest, but it was nice to be able to talk it out and...

Jun 12, 2018

This week I spoke to my friend and Melbourne Comic Roland Hoffmann about the World Cup. Roland is a big football (eugh, 'soccer') fan, and we're both super excited about the tournament starting THIS THURSDAY!!! So we sat down with a few beers and relived some of our favourite memories from past tournaments, and just...

Jun 5, 2018

I recorded this week's episode about 5 minutes after I'd had a good old cry watching clips of Iceland's Euro 2016 upset and listening to the Icelandic commentator lose his mind, beautiful stuff! This week has been pretty chill, haven't done much work to be honest, but I had a bath on Saturday. The music...